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About The Brand

TOBE shoes are the fruits of the meeting between the codes of haute couture and the exceptional craftsmanship of it’s team
This hybridization of ideas and inspiration gave birth to a different DNA called TOBE.

All of the designs are reinterpreted with the richness of couture and embroidery using the finest materials such as Swarovski crystals ,silk thread and velvet
This collection comes in different shapes and colors but one thing in common ; every pair of shoes has it’s unique form of self expression.

This collection presents expedition-chic s-high heels that balance harmoniously between feminine details and fierce materials to create genuinely new design , a fantasy that made her way to reality .More than a shoe ,it’s a manifesto .

The only purpose desired to reach while designing the shoes is to redefine the boundaries and create a new definition of luxury while maintaining a perfect balance between structured style and sophisticated simplicity .

This season’s collection incorporates a unique signature :DRESS THE SHOES
The idea is to treat the high heels as a being with a character that should be dressed first and then worn .Every high heel is embellished with a distinctive touch of haute-couture ,on the ankle ,that drapes naturally over the foot , this signature adds to every shoes a personality that speaks a lot about itself .

Handcrafted to perfection , flawless embroidery
in which even the most minuscule details are fine-tuned to perfection and the search for an exceptional design come together to create a new vision of luxurious high heels .

The idea of combining the leather sole with Silver material to create genuinely new design is part of the brand DNA and signature , every woman who chooses TOBE deserve a shoes recharged with preciousness on her feet to decrease the pressure on her walk and complements here with strength and a state of royalty that she needs to feel on her road walking fearlessly to achieve her goals .
Silver material is elevating the shoes bottom and recharging it with preciousness ,power and rarity that is almost sacred .

More than embellishment , the silver TOBE heel is a new dimensions of self expression that features the exceptional designed brand logo with the the four letters all combined together to create something worth TO BE timeless and distinctive .

Marrying outstanding craftsmanship with exquisite design to create a structured heel with delicate details.

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